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In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins.

News 01.01.70 -
RF Online

He that fights and runs away, May turn and fight another day; But he that is in battle slain, Will never rise to fight again

News 01.01.70 -
RF Online

Vote us every 12 hours and earn points.

News 01.01.70 -
Accretia: 0%
Bellato: 100%
Cora: 100%

Chip Breaker: RICH

Winner: BellatoLoser: Accretia
» Rules

  • Impersonating as a GM or using nicknames such as "GM'", "ADMIN" etc. is strictly prohibited. Also if ur nickname contain only "i" or "l" letters then ur name will be changed to random one
  • Sending Trade message in any chats except normal white and trade chat is prohibited. Breaking this rule can be ground for a permanent ban.

  • Setting a nuke inside the core, placing guard towers, killing players after HolyStone Keeper is safe is prohibited.

  • Setting guard towers near the spawn point of map is prohibited.

  • Killing HolyStone Keeper while you're under or inside him is prohibited.

  • Certain points transfusion is forbidden and may be grounds for a permanent ban.

  • Elected archons are required to participate in at least 1 CW daily. Also take note, getting an HMS scanner does not equate as an "attendance" in CW.If an elected archon is inactive, the race has the obligation to report this to staff in 24 hours. The inactive archon's CPT would be reduced to 0.

  • Using chaos potion during CW is forbidden for archons and may be grounds for a permanent ban.

  • English is the only language allowed on every map including any chats except normal white chat. Breaking this rule can be ground for a permanent ban.

  • NEVER insult a GM or treat him improperly. GMs are not employees, they work for free and deserve the utmost respect.

  • Using third party programs such as BOTS, CHEATS, MEMORY EDITORS, TRAINERS or something similar that affects playability are strictly forbidden. This also includes editing your client to give you an advantage. Hacking and cheating in any way will result in a permanent ban.

  • Logging out while being attacked (FORCE LOG-OUT) is strictly forbidden.

  • Passing in a terrain where you can't usually walk and/or hitting a mob where the mob can't hit back (TERRAIN GLITCH) is prohibited..

  • Do not talk bad about the server and its staff. For comments and suggestions, please direct it to the staff.

  • Advertising other websites, games and servers in-game and in our official FB page are strictly forbidden.

  • RMT (real money trading) using Facebook and in-game are strictly prohibited. However, we allow RMT for items as long as it is done in a PRIVATE negotiation (direct negotiation between 2 people). We permit this so other players can still use the items once the real owner decided to retire. Still, if you got scammed, the Admin/GM/Staff would not be liable. RMT is considered a risk.RMT for accounts is strictly prohibited in any case. Breaking these rules will result in a permanent ban. 

  • You are responsible for your account. Giving your account info to your "PILOTS" or "FRIENDS" is your risk. If they change your password or sold your items, it will not be retrieved or replaced. If they hacked or break the rules while using your account, it will be banned according to the rules. 

  • Insulting other players with offensive language is grounds for permanent ban.

  • You need to remember passwords from your account, write it on paper and keep in safe place. Restoring for your passwords is impossible. 

  • Guilds must be active in-game (CW, PB hunting, PVP). GvG must be a real fight between 2 guilds and can't be done by 2 guild members who only stand in GvG area (this is called "FAKE GvG"). Doing "FAKE GvG" is strictly forbidden. Your CPT would be wiped and this can be grounds fora permanent ban.

  • Items lost during disconnections, server crashes, errors would not be replaced under any circumstances.